Italian Chair District

Design and italian quality. Future and tradition.
The Italian Chair District is a productive area in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia that has over a century of experience in the manufacture of chairs and furniture.


The Italian Chair District is located at the geographic heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, an Adriatic region on the border with Slovenia and Austria. The original industrial core - consisting of the municipalities of Corno di Rosazzo, Manzano and San Giovanni al Natisone, namely the "Triangle of the chair" - has gradually expanded to include today's eleven municipalities of the province of Udine.
Among the main economic activities, an important place is occupied by the activities of the wood and furniture industry, operating in the area for over 100 years with maximum seriousness and reliability.
The know-how that has made the District unique leads not to uniformity but to an extraordinary wealth of expressions. This occur because the requirements for an experience of various settings – home, contract, free time – are all different. Innovative interpretations of classic models and modern offerings are matched with tables and furniture accessories.

The range of products manufactured by the Italian Chair District companies is huge: from sought-after design to modern chairs, from leather chairs to office chairs; a productive capacity that all comes with the guarantee of know-how that produces a unique mix of tradition and modern technology.

Wood: a material that belongs to the sector's tradition, selected from forests that are subject to strict environmental control standards. This pioneer eco-friendly material is well-know and loved, natural and alive; it is worked with highly skilled techniques and enhanced by quality finishes; it comes alive again under the new aesthetic and technological dictates of design.

The Italian Chair District is a collective, flexible and efficient network that accommodates contemporary influences without betraying its origins, taking cues from international trends and reworking cultural contributions from designers of diverse origins and education and combining these with solid experience and knowledge.

The Italian Chair District is also a “Made in Italy” supply chain certified ISO 9001, which is able to satisfy even the most demanding production requirements and inject designer creativity and architectural planning into pieces. A group of companies handing down artisan skill and experience of all stages of production, applying management methods that are quality certified and guaranteed.

ITALIAN-CHAIR-DISTRICT.IT is the first port of call to to get in touch with all the companies forming the District and get to know the latest creations in the world of chairs.