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Paolo Capizzi: Born in Udine on 03 11 1963, with technical training, I have always embraced the self-employment and in 2006, after meeting my current 2 shareholders (Carrozza Paolo and Dana Carlo Alberto), we founded Segnoprogetto Ltd. Company, which deals with 3D graphics. Equipped with outstanding relational skills, for the Segnoprogetto I assumed the role of head of external relations, managing all initiatives aimed at developing new business and helping to realize all the events that the Segnoprogetto designes to promote both regional and national market. He is the contact person for the project Udine 3D Forum.

Udine 3D Forum was established as a requirement to create a benchmark in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the field of three-dimensional graphics. Udine 3D Forum (http://www.udine3d.it/) is the ideal container in which businesses, professionals, university students and the curious can deepen their knowledge and exchange their work experiences. The first edition of the event was made the 11-11-2011 in collaboration between Confartigianato Udine and Segnoprogetto Ltd. and was held in the hall Valduga Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Udine and Friuli Future Forum. On this day 11 speakers have talked, showed pictures and interacted with a very large and attentive audiencedemonstrating that these topics are interesting and timely. The success of the first edition has convinced us immediately to revive the project in November with renewed content and guests from all over Italy.

The mission of Udine 3D Forum in this magazine is to analyze what's happening in the world of 3D, each month we will discuss topics such as new professionals, software programs, the artistic influences, technological innovations and more, all  with a 360 ° point of view, in full 3D mode. See you soon and hold on:)


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