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ASDI Cluster: the results of the assembly

Federlegno, Unindustria Pordenone, Confindustria Venezia Giulia e Confartigianato are ready to join Asdi

After more than three years of a difficult period of transition, the new configuration of the Agency for the Development of the Industrial Districts and Cluster (Asdi) is finally defined and confirmed as the new reference role in the Furniture Cluster of the Region. The public associate have definitively left the corporate structure and Asdi Cluster Arredo changes its company's arrangement – from public to consortium – and vision in order to focus on new and important goals thanks to the trust's renewal obtained during the Assembly from Confindustria Udine, Confartigianato Udine, Catas, Banca di Manzano, Banca Popolare di Cividale and Confapi Fvg.

During the Assembly, which took place in San Giovanni al Natisone on the 10th May evening, the Asdi's financial statement has been unanimously approved: now the company can look forward, strong in its new configuration. Federlegno, Unindustria Pordenone, Confindustria Venezia Giulia and Confartigianato Fvg already communicate their interest in being part of the company's structure: an important signal which allows Asdi to represent better the whole regional Furniture Cluster which counts 1,44 billions of Euros in export and 22.500 employees.

ASDI, leaded by Franco di Fonzo and managed by Carlo Piemonte, despite all the law's uncertainties and problems in the previous years, has always represented a resource for the territory. “I accepted the presidency role in a transition moment for our company, which is now retaking its primary activity, – said Mr.di Fonzo – I can count on an efficient staff that works with dedication and passion. It was a difficult situation, but even if public funding stopped in 2012, Asdi never asked, during these ten years, for a corporale annual fee to its associates, and continued its business in benefit of the companies”.

During the Assembly Piemonte made a quick excursus of the 10 years of activity of Asdi: the transition of the company's configuration, from Spa to Srl Contortium, and the challange about the redefinition of the company's strategies: “With the mission's change and the exclusion of the public members, we aim to develop consortium's services in certification, digital magement and business network's management fields. After these early 6 months of operativity, we can pleasantly observe that the answer from the companies has been significant, and this is a demonstration of how much our company always searchs for new form of innovation and, even more, internationalization.

Purpouses for 2016 are to achieve over 100 certificates, to increase the number of services for the whole Furniture Cluster and to keep going on with the important activity of business network's management.

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