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Caiazza Prize at the Salone del Mobile, here the winners

From Finland to Japan, from Italy to Denmark; Da Pozzo and Gortani have conferred today the first prize, two special honors and three mentions to international seating designers, all under 35. In the Federlegno Arredo's lounge, the Udine Chamber of Commerce's prize in collaboration with Asdi Sedia, with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Economy Mr.Casero and the President of Federlegno Mr.Snaidero.


They are rewarded on April the 11th at the "Salone del Mobile" in Milan, in the Business Lounge of Federlegno Arredo, the new winners of the Caiazza Prize, which is sponsored by the Udine Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Asdi Sedia and addressed to young architects, designers, students and designers sessions under 35 from all over the world. The award is dedicated to the memory of Ernesto Caiazza, the unforgettable protagonist of the industry of the chair in Friuli. The jury has evaluated almost 150 projects and has identified, in addition to the First Prize and two Special Honors, three additional projects worthy of mention, conferred upon the presence, as well as the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mr.Giovanni Da Pozzo and the Vice-President of Asdi Sedia Mr.Alberto Gortani, also the Deputy Minister of Economy Mr.Luigi Casero, the President of FederLegno Mr.Roberto Snaidero and the international designer Mr.Emanuele Magini.

Among the audience, even the son of Ernesto Caiazza, Maximus. The first prize goes to "Naru Chair" of the designers Onni Aho, Finnish, born in 1989, who studied at the Applied Sciences of the Lahti University, Institute of Design, and Satoru Mochizuki, Japanese, born in 1990, a student at Kanagawa University, graduated in school of Engineering, Department of Architecture. The Special awards goes to "Innocent Chair", Jade Giovenali, Italian architect, born in 1983, and "Chair Nude", Camilla Dahl, Danish, born in 1987, a student at the University of Washington. The jury, as mentioned, has also highlighted some honorable mentions: a Loopu Fabio Damiani (Italian architect born in 1983), to seat 121 by Marco Maggi (Italian, born in 1988, a student at the University of Florence) Twine (the Italian designer Antonella Di Luca, born in 1982).

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