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Venus Chair Second Nature



20.03.2012 ways of seating Design Team Fabrica

Considered as one of the most influential creatives of today, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has transformed the way we experience the world around us.

Tokujin Yoshioka recently obtained the “Now! Design à Vivre 2012 CREATOR OF THE YEAR”, an award given by Maison & Objet to the most influential designer of the year.



TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA Crystalized Project Design come creatore dell’anno 2012 da Maison & Objet, Paris




Among Yoshioka’s works is The Crystallized Project, a visionary collection of crystal objects which investigate the mutual dependency that exists between human memories and natural phenomena.

The Crystallized Project began in 2007 with the Venus chair developed using a completely unique production process. To form this piece, a substrate made of polyester elastomer forms the skeleton of the chair, which is then submerged in a tank. Music plays, and through its vibrations, crystals grow.



 Venus Chair Second Nature




The piece adopts the randomness and unexpectedness of the natural world and expresses a level of beauty that surpasses human imagination.

Venus Chair is not built, but grown from crystals. Anyway it’s probably not the most comfortable chair unless you’re a fakir, but it is highly innovative and its unique beauty lies in the fact that the final result is not controlled by humans, but left entirely up to nature.

Yoshioka explains: “Venus takes shape by making the tiny crystals grow in an aquarium, and makes its appearance over time as if the goddess herself gradually emerges from water. The natural crystal chair, which is formed by the laws of nature and embodies a beauty born of coincidence, pushes the boundaries of creativity. The work is like my message for the future.”



 Second Nature exhibition ottobre 2008




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