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22.02.2012 ways of seating Adriana Cruciatti

The second edition of IL DESIGN CHE AVANZA, (DESIGN THAT ADVANCES) is about to begin. The inauguration is set for Thursday 26 January at 18.30 at the Cumini Gallery in Gemona Del Friuli and the initiative will continue till 24 March.

The success achieved in 2010 has in fact encouraged the organisers – the ADI delegation of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Cumini Spa – to think of it as a recurring appointment to reflect on design as a strategic innovation factor. The thematic choice of this new edition fell to materials, the basic substances that make up what we use, wear and live in. The research and use of the new materials or those characterised by a strong technological component have in fact become the great themes of contemporary design as they open new horizons for the project.
The initiative has been developed into three exhibit areas:
- through Material ConneXion® - a global reference agency related to innovation and solutions in the field of materials – a materials exhibit including 60 of the most varied materials is on display: polymers, glass, ceramics, metals, fabrics, wood...
The intention is to recount their properties and potential, offer information and training, also with the objective of supplying hints to favour the creation of ideas and new projects.
- an additional ingredient of the initiative is fashion, thanks to the special collaboration with Mittelmoda, which on the occasion of its 20th edition of MITTELMODA THE FASHION AWARD presents a selection of clothes and accessories that is particularly interesting for the materials and techniques that recount its history through several of the most representative talents from amongst the over 500 finalists who have taken part in the international contest, selected from more than 13,000 participants from around the world.
- Material Talks offers research products for students of the Design 1 Integrated Laboratory at the University of Udine, investigating the aspects involved with the materials of several famous design products, evaluating the composition and properties, advantages and limits, duration, toxicity, constructive applications, historical development of the material and its craft…

The calendar will be enlivened by Material Talks, meetings on materials and technologies organised by the designers Paolo Lucidi, Luca Pevere and Christian Malisan, who will give special attention to particular application and innovation techniques.

Design That Advances explores materials also in art, hosting a small but significant selection of works of the Valcellina Award, organised by the Association of Textile Arts, amongst the most prestigious international events and contests in the contemporary fibre art scene.

The initiative is sponsored by the Udine Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Gemona del Friuli, the University of Udine, the Udine Province Architects’ Association and the Association of the Textile Arts, taking advantage also of technical support from the Grafiche Filacorda, Loewe and Jermann companies.


Foto di Adriana Cruciatti

Design That Advances
Cumini Gallery_ via san daniele 1 Gemona del friuli
27 January – 24 March 2012
Opening hours:
9.00 - 12.30/15.00 - 19.00
Saturday 9.00 – 19.00


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