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FABRICA for Italian Makers Village - Expo 2015

Villa Nachini will be the starting point for the discovery of the excellence of Friuli, from wood to wine, under the artistic direction of Fabrica, the communication research center of the Benetton Group, which has been working in the recent years with Asdi Sedia, reaping success and acclaim. The challenge of the talents of Fabrica will give importance to the wood, piasentina stone, chair, food and wine sectors through a single set-up of the Italian Village Makers - the excellence corner of Confartigianato - space in which will be enhanced both the identity of the single productive sectors that the individual companies.


The store will include the participation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region thanks to the extensive program of events organized by TurismoFVG, an important example of cooperation between the production system and promotion of our territory. Fabrica is responsible for identifying the graphic concept of the project and the characterization of the store, developing new accessories that will become "symbols of design" for wood and piasentina stone.


On thursday May the 14th, the designers from Fabrica will be in Friuli, in Villa Nachini Cabassi; to welcome them the council of Corno di Rosazzo and the heads of the Banca Manzano, both active participants in the realization of the store. The morning will be focused on the world of wood and food, with a tour of local wineries and furniture companies; the afternoon will be the turn of the piasentina stone, to snatch secrets and processes. A coordinated path by Asdi Sedia which involves over than 50 companies specialized in the various sectors, demonstrating that for important occasions, if managed in a coordinated way, companies are able to do system.


"Collaborating again with Asdi Sedia is a real pleasure for Fabrica - said the design director of Fabrica Sam Baron, who already in 2012 had worked with the furniture world of our territory -. We recognize the ability and know-how to create products that make this hospitable region truly unique." From graphic design, the international team of Fabrica will design the two objects using stone and wood which "will embrace the history and traditions of Friuli, revealing a contemporary feel, a modern vision - Baron concludes - also linked to the important wine culture of this region of northeastern Italian. "

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