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Festa della Sedia 2013

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In occasion of "Festa della Sedia 2013", scheduled for September 6-7-8, Asdi Sedia was invited to participate in the realization of the exhibition "Di Sedia In Sedia with Wether Toffoloni - From tradition to Design", organized by "Banca di Credito Cooperativo" and the City of Manzano in Foledor.

Within this space, there is a thematic exhibition that traces the evolution of styles and design that has characterized the chairs of the Italian Chair District, from the historic sessions to the most modern.

As part of the initiative, Asdi Sedia has been involved in the organization and in the identification of a representative products of the Italian Chair District's offer on the international market. There will be exposed 15 products carried out by companies that have been recently presented in aggregate form to two international events: a Temporary Showroom in the heart of the city of Cape Town (South Africa) and the participation in a contract fair at the evocative space Tour & Taxis in Brussels (Belgium).

The exhibition opens on Friday, September the 6th at 18:00 and will end on Sunday October 27.

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