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ICD at the IMM COLOGNE 2013

The excellence of Italian furniture will be displayed at the prestigious Trade Fair in Cologne under the brand "Italian Chair District". Building upon a century-long artisan tradition, the Friulian Chair District - lying at the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the north-eastern region bordering on Slovenia and Austria - has developed a high level of design in order to mix the ancient expertise of chair makers with cutting-edge industrial machinery.

The original industrial core, known as the "Chair Triangle", has progressively expanded to include 11 municipalities of the province of Udine. The range of products manufactured by the Italian Chair District companies is vast: from sought-after design to modern chairs, from leather armchairs to office chairs; a productive capacity that all comes with the guarantee of know-how that produces a unique mix of tradition and the latest technology.

The Italian Chair District is synonymous with a collective, flexible and efficient system that absorbs contemporary sources of inspiration without betraying its roots, creates a dialogue with international trends, features cultural input by designers from a wide range of backgrounds and training, and grafts them onto well-established techniques and knowledge.

The Italian Chair District is a production entity which pays attention to quality and environmental certifications. In such context, the Filiera ISO9001 project was born to provide international manufacturers with a certified production chain subject to high quality standards and made up by 21 companies to date (www.filiera-iso9001.it). In recent years the FSC environmental certification process has been gaining strength and now involves 33 certified companies; the same has been happening with the PEFC certification process, with an estimate of 17 local companies to be certified by the end of March 2013. Both processes are aimed at protecting consumers during their purchases, promoting the use of wood coming from environmentally-managed forests (www.greendistrict.it).

The 6 companies present within the Italian Chair District area in Cologne represent an excellence group of the Distirct and will be displaying design chairs both in wood and metal, for contract and retail sectors, rigorously manufactured in Italy. The companies present in the Italian Chair District area in Cologne are:

Area Declic, together with Debi, is a brand belonging to Arrmet, a historical factory based in the chair district of Manzano (Udine) since the 1960s. The company specialized in metal structures since its foundation, particularly producing chairs for schools and communities. From the Nineties onwards, Arrmet has been collaborating with Design world, investing in the production of moulds for plastic chairs, so acquiring a know how that would characterize the years to come. Area Declic' products are updated, young and eclectic, made of different materials but especially metal and plastic. Debi's products suites a more mature taste with wooden chairs mainly upholstered where colors and forms refer to tradition. Area Declic and Debi focus on the contract sector with chairs characterized by the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and details of craftsmanship. Simplicity, functionality, practicality are the main threads of their collections. Area Declic (www.areadeclic.com)

BP Sedie company is a major producer of indoor wooden chairs. We are located in Buttrio, very close to Manzano, in northeastern Italy's famous "Chair Triangle District". Over 40 years of activity, we have developed an extensive presence in the international market and matured an experience and capacities which ensure us with a leading position in the manufacture of wooden chairs for indoor use. The firm is provided with the most advanced equipments and plants for the manufacture of a wide range of chairs, traditional and modern. We take care of the manufacturing process starting from the choice of wood up through the final aspects of production. All the stages of production take place in our factory. This enables us to meet all of the requirements of our customers. Bp sedie (www.bpsedie.it) Cizeta is a company that has been operating in the "Italian Chair District" for over thirty years. Our proven experience is what lends our brand its reliability, availability and flexibility. It is quality, however, that truly distinguishes us from our competitors. Our strength lies in our ability to join high-tech machinery and equipment to the finest in traditional craftsmanship to ensure cutting-edge products delivered on time.

Cizeta (www.cizetasedie.it). Palma offers a strong selection of chairs, stools and armchairs each reflecting the seriousness and commitment to quality of the company. The collections reflect diverse style lines, catering to the different tastes of customers: from classic, to quirky, essential or contemporary, the formal versatility of the wood is endless. Palma (www.palmaspa.com)

Piaval has been in the business of manufacturing fine chairs for 90 years. This fine craft has been passed on during the years, making our products distinctively elegant and technologically advanced. Our artisans are known for their fine detailing and finishing techniques. Particular attention has been paid to the needs of the elderly people and it offers them a complete range of perfectly functional and comfortable furnishings. Piaval (www.piaval.it)

Riccardo Rivoli Design (RRD) is an Italian producer of chairs, small armchairs and tables that build its own Collection. RRD aims at promoting the quality and design "Made in Italy" on the contract and residential markets. For this purpose, RRD is utilizing and enhancing the local workmanship and renown handicraft accuracy in working with noble materials. Furthermore, you can expect from RRD a high degree of awareness both for form and function. In addition to its own Collection, RRD works together with architects and designers for the development of original, custom-made products. RRD can boast to be a supplier of some demanding chains of hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, professional offices and a solution provider for residential projects thanks to competence, service and reliability. Riccardo Rivoli Design (www.riccardorivoli.com)

Other Italian Chair District companies present in Cologne are:

Domitalia / hall 10.1 stand E069 (www.domitalia.it),

Frag / hall 11.2 stand K011 (www.frag.it),

Gervasoni / hall 11.2 stand K021-J020 (www.gervasoni1882.com),

Moroso Design Post / Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse, 22A 50679 Köln (www.moroso.it),

Natisa / hall 5.1 stand A049 (www.natisa.it),

Potocco - Accademia / hall 11.2 stand M027/L026 (www.potoccospa.com),

Softline - All Kit / hall 11.2 stand K040 (www.softline-allkit.com),

Tonon & C. / hall 11.2 stand M031 (www.tononitalia.com).


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