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ICD: growing interest of the international press


The international press speaks of the Italian Chair District and enhances the original reality of the small businesses in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the recent days, British and Dutch journalists from prestigious European newspapers (Project & Interieur, Sleeper Magazine, Frame), led by the director of ASDI Sedia, Mr.Carlo Pimonte, visited for two days the District companies with curiosity and interest, even surprising themselves with some peculiarities of Friuli; for example, they were "fascinated" by the curvature of the wood, amazed even the physical proximity of the companies and of the tight with subcontracting, which provides solutions in speed.

Waiting for them were the same owners of the company, from notoriuos brands to the little-known, a human experience different from that which they had lived in other countries until now. Foreign journalists - to whom will add other in the coming weeks coming from Italy and Germany - have well grasped the concept of specialist supply chain and the district system, which found in the ASDI Sedia an important support, even for the communication of the culture of the area.

The presence of the foreign press in the Italian Chair District is a further sign of the strong international promotion activities carried out by Asdi, which is consolidating more and more relationships with national and international mass media, especially contacted in Milan during the Salone del Mobile. Recently, Luca Rossetti, director of the magazine Xylon, met with some companies in the design segment and some of the subcontracting; a lengthy report on this experience will be released next November.

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