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photographer: Alberto Ferretto/Fabrica
Illustrations by Mariana Fernandes/Fabrica


15.02.2012 ways of seating Design Team Fabrica

At Fabrica HQ we are all really excited that the Italian Chair District has invited us to contribute to the new ‘Take a Seat’ blog. Before we start blogging away, we thought we would introduce ourselves, by all asking the question, “If I was a chair, what would I be and why?”….

 “If I was a chair I would be a small stool inside a metal workshop. This small stool would be the extra element that you can use for a lot of small actions. You can give it to an extra client, use it to hold the piece you are welding, bring it outside for a long and serious phone call, and stack it on the top of a normal chair to reach the last shelf.”
Amaury Poudray, Product Designer (France)

“If I was a chair, I would be the offspring of a sun chair and a leather bergère. A failed attempt to have the pleasure of ruling the world while being licked by the sun.”
Catarina Carreiras, Graphic Designer (Portugal)

“If I was a chair I would be a tree stump, because I’d like to be useful and remembered after I’m dead.”
Dean Brown, Product Designer (Scotland)

“If I was a chair I would be a brightly coloured chair, portable enough so I could travel anywhere in the world, comfortable enough to read a book for many hours, big enough to lay down on it and contemplate beautiful landscapes or simply use it to meditate on.”
 Filipe Ferreira, Graphic Designer (Portugal)

“If I was a chair I would be a bench. I don't like to be alone and a bench is the perfect place to stay outside and to chat with friends. A bench is fresh, funny, it gives you the possibility to choose how to sit on it; its romantic but also simple and direct.”
Giorgia Zanellato, Product Designer (Italy)

“If I was a chair I would be a mass-produced white plastic chair. They are extremely useful in most sitting situations. They enjoy being indoors and outdoors. They are resilient and strong, as well as being modest! They also enjoy an international life.”
Kirsty Minns, Product Designer (UK)

“If I was a chair I would be a wooden garden chair: it's made to be outside, it moves around and it's comfortable in a natural way, but not so much – that you would sleep on it.”
Mariana Fernandes, Graphic Designer (Portugal)

“If I was I chair I would be a hammock, to be able to offer a moment of relaxation between the trees. This chair offers a wrap-around time for reading, dreaming, doing nothing, and being surrounded by nature.”

Marta Celso, Project manager (Italy)

“If I was a chair I would be a Chesterfield sofa, the leather masculine smell, the buttons that create rhythm on a massive seat, the wooden turned legs with small wheels and the memories of Yves Saint Laurent famous portrait”
Sam Baron, Director of Fabrica’s design department (France)

“If I was a chair I would be a seat of a hang glider, to see human beings from the top. I could have different perspectives of their lives; enjoy landscapes, freedom and fresh air. A dynamic view of everything would be a pleasant discovery”
Valentina Carretta, Product Designer (Italy)

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