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28.04.2012 ways of seating Nicola Pressi

"Put the internet to work for you." This is the slogan of the "ifttt" service that permits the automatisation of a lot of boring operations, and even those that are not so banal, which we normally do on the internet. Let's start with the name: ifttt means "If this, then that" which is exactly what the service does. By registering free of charge for the online service we have the possibility of associating this to all our social accounts to be able to automatise the interaction between them. Let's pretend we wish to change our profile photo on Facebook and change it also on Twitter. Let ifttt do it for you! We set a rule (or "task" as it is called on the site) to say that: each time the profile image on Facebook is changed this should be changed also on Twitter. And that is only the beginning... Let's take a social network much in vogue recently: Instagram. We would like that each photo taken (and posted) on Instagram goes into a particular set on Flickr. Too simple. With just a few clicks everything is over. Or perhaps we would like to set it so that each time I write something on my Tumblr account a Tweet is sent to notify all my followers. Done! A lot of services are available with an infinite number of combinations to make internet serve us. In this way the management of our social accounts or even a campaign of Social Media Marketing becomes a walk in the park. Be careful not to exaggerate though! Your dear followers will not appreciate being flooded with messages saying that your photo has been posted on Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter... Once you understand how this functions, just use a bit of good sense and you are on your way!

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