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12.04.2012 ways of seating Paola Treppo

A fully-designed space for art and trends is born in the heart of the Friulian furniture city



For years, Tricesimo, a Friulian country town in Udine Province known in all Europe for its exceptional concentration of active companies in furniture and furnishings, is seeking to make a common front and create a trademark that is immediately recognisable to those that love a comfortable domestic habitat, both in Italy and in the world. It deals with tradition and futuristic projects. Excellence, moreover, is not lacking. It is sufficient to think of Moroso or Walcher. Likewise the elite clientele from the Peninsula or overseas that are able to appreciate the “Made in Italy” style, led by fresh innovations and quickly influenced by international cues, is not lacking. And it is here, in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, mid-way between hill and the Udine hinterland along the historic artery towards Noriker, that a new creative space has arisen. It has existed for only a few weeks, but it has already become a cult location, a meeting ground that sets a trend. Able to intersect, enter into and even upset the infinite directions of fashion, art in general and music in particular. All in a winning lounge setting, both for its welcoming sensation and perceived feeling of wellbeing on crossing the threshold. It is called “Interstate Studio 270”. It has been created like a recording studio, concert hall and meeting place for creating synergy between those who love to enjoy artistic expression in its widest and most imaginative sense. Innovative in its technology and new business developed within, it provides interaction between various professionals coming from several sectors: from music to figurative art, from photography to cinema, from literature to food events. The global 270, in short, is a new aerial musical universe that ideally sets itself out as a space where one can “sip the hydromel on the triclinic of ancient history” and, in fact, where you can feel well listening to good music. The room, set up as a loft, is split into different spaces and multi-uses, made from soundproof curtain partitioning. The 270 is made up of a ghost zone, with oblivion and endless backdrops for taking photographs and filming videos and a relaxation area with a sitting-room and area for tea, drinks and convenient aperitifs. Alongside is a kitchen/bar area and main stage with 32 m2 of stage for audio recording and live shows. “In creating the Interstate studios – explain the imaginative creators, Filippo, Giovanni, Riccardo and Stefano – we gave high priority to the concept of design. We wanted to give it a concrete form, whilst maintaining all the functionality of a recording studio, as a space where the colours, the seating, the food and photos area and its entrance hall were an integral part of the ‘recording’ moment: no longer rooms divided by soundproof walls restricting the settings to remaining clearly-defined, but making the whole structure, objects and furnishings included, become an integral part of the musical sounds”. An airy sound room, therefore, where inspiration can only be the master. “In this new set-up, artistic expression is the main course and is not limited to only musical performances: it includes inaugurations, readings and drama. All, obviously, with the ability to be audio and video recorded; in short wellbeing is the main target”. There only remain the visits: 270 can be found in Via Costantini, in Tricesimo (Udine) behind the historic Walcher furniture factory.





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