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Italian Chair District: sign the first two business networks

Internationalization. That the purpose of the two networks that 12 companies of the Italian Chair District signed with the support of Asdi Sedia, in order to penetrate into international markets by exploiting the know-how of the territory. A few days ago is been subscribed the network contract "Italian Chair District for International Markets" by Cizeta, L'Abbate, Piaval, Palma and Riccardo Rivoli, for a aggregate turnover of more than € 20.000.000 and 120 employees; the companies that have instead signed the network "Make My Design" are Giada, Italcurvati, Mocchiutti, Quattroventi, Stacco, S.T.E.I. and Woodcraft, for an aggregate turnover of 7.5 million Euros and about 75 employees.


The "Italian Chair District for International Markets" is a path already well established whose purpose is to be more strongly inside the emerging markets; the second network, referring to subcontracting companies, aims to enhance the capacity and experience of the business of the District through an aggressive international promotion, with an opening not only in international markets but also in new sectors and areas.

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