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Old Lebanese House, Mar Mickael, Beirut



18.04.2012 ways of seating Design Team Fabrica

The oriental version of the Thonet

Born between 1890 and 1900, the Khayzaran chair is made from beech wood and wicker and it took inspiration from the famous French chair, the Thonet. Having a more geometric and volumetric form, the Khayzaran chair could easily find its place within the Lebanese culture: in fact, people could sit on it all day long because of her comfort. Keeping the same criterias as its big sister, the Khayzaran became the archetypal chair of the Lebanese community, "The Chair" in some ways. Nowadays the Khaizaran chair becomes the trigger of flashbacks to our oldest memories. It brings back souvenirs of trips to our grandmothers, of old man sitting on it in the cafes of Beirut; it was the added chair of a dining room during a big lunch. In a nutshell, the chair has climbed its way into becoming THE traditional Lebanese seating. Today, the Khayzaram chair is coming back in the scene with a trendier aspect. Through the use of new materials and techniques, it gains a new meaning, combining the past and the present.


Kayzaran chair by Samer Al Ameen, (2012)

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