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The history of the LIVONI company started in 1895 when Edoardo Livoni breathed life into his newfound activity manufacturing chairs in a room in his house. In 1910 what was once the artisan’s workplace became the nucleus of the company it was to develop into. A factory was built on two floors and a local workforce was taken on. Regardless of some difficult periods connected to the war, after 1945 the company regained its strength and drive, so much so that a number of investments to guarantee all of the manufacturing phases in the firm. In the 60s the company boasted a workforce of 160 factory workers and 60 weavers who worked from home. Over the years there has been a technological transformation in the company which has led to the substitution of the pre-existing machines with more modern ones, meaning a substantial reduction in the workforce employed. Over the years there have been a number of goals achieved and a certain level of recognition, the fruit of a lot of experience and passion. - Diploma - honourable mention for Livoni Edoardo in 1911. - Diploma - gold medal for the manufacture of regular and luxury chairs 1925. - Diploma of merit with gold medal for the gradual and constant extension of the manufacturing facility 1970. - Diploma of merit with gold medal for the for having been particularly active in the export field 1978. - Diploma of merit with gold medal for the 101 years of activity 1996.


Seriousness, professionalism and continuos research for innovation are the characteristics of the company Livoni cince 1895. If more than one century of history is cause for pride, our great strength is that our company is a 100% Made in Italy producer. Skilled staff and modern machines are able to realize manufactur every customer’s design. In our plants production is followed step by step in order to have a continuos quality control of the product. The “Collection” range completes the collection “Emotion” offering to our customers a high quality refined item. Livoni believes in its products and wants to operate for complete customer satisfaction.

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