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New Life a traditional family business recently combined with other family members to create a stronger, multi-faceted company ready to cope with today’s challenging times and changing markets.

New Life produces furniture with a high standard of design, comfort and quality, as well as producing many specialized components for the contract furniture trade both at home and abroad, whilst adapting all the time to technology evolution and using new materials to continuously create the ultimate solutions for the needs of products for thisvery particular market place.

New Life prides itself on the use of only the highest quality materials and its long established skilled workforce of carpenters, craftsmen and women stepped in the history of furniture production. The professional management team ensures process, from carefully selected raw material supplies to the fi nished products. This blend of traditional abilities and modern fl exible approach to customer care enables New Life to very quickly adapt existing products or produce entirely new ones from client’s details and drawings specifi cally to meet out customer’s demands. Whether it be wooden framed or multi-material assemblies, we can produce small quantity runs or create effective mass production volumes tosuit your needs. Our modern manufacturing plant & warehousing facilities help us to ensure that we can meet each client’s specifi c logistical requirements.

All our company’s activities are naturally carried out within the rules of collective bargaining, salary equality between men and women, health & safety in the workplace and of course respecting all child labour laws.New Life has already obtained outstanding test assessment results by Certificazione di Qualità, Ambiente ed Etica (Quality, Evironment and Ethics Certifi cate). “ON DEMAND”, QUANTITY AND PRICE ON REQUEST.

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