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26.03.2012 ways of seating Design Team Fabrica



The “Next Cabane” series by Fabrica is a collection of structures, designed for shelter, travel, and alternative living. They speak about simplicity in their ideals and construction. Here we find three interesting examples of seating, diverse in their materiality yet common through their suggestions of temporary use. The first cabane, “Net” by Giorgia Zanellato is inspired by fishing tradition, crafted entirely in ropes - intricately woven around the wood frame construction, defining four walls and a ceiling, in a weave of fluo, gold and purple nylon.



Positioned on the floor is a simple stool, which takes its form from an industrial rope reel, borrowed from the construction of the cabane. The solitary object is resourceful and charming, especially when we notice the rope unraveling into a circular floor carpet – connecting the furniture with the walls and the floor, through the clever use of one material. The “Waiting Room” by Kirsty Minns is concerned with experiencing time. The environment has a tangible sense of time moving forward, measured and presented over seconds, days and an entire lifetime.



Like any waiting room the focal point is the activity of sitting, presented here as a communal wooden bench, assembled in the same geometry as the cabane structure itself. You really feel the bench is not for relaxing, nor reading - its robustness and neutrality speaking only about waiting. When we sit on the bench, our companion is a solitary alarm clock, intermittently beeping to the call of a previous waiter. We wonder about the many people who sat before us, who will sit after us, and what they waited for… “Soft Fold” by Marie Dessuant & Margaux Keller is a dedicated sitting environment, draped in patchwork of fabrics.



The textile walls flow into the floor, interrupted by an abstract step, closest in distinction to a sofa. Either we lie on the floor, with the step at our back, or sit perched on top, at conventional chair height. The environment is punctuated by tools of a sort – a blanket, a laptop table and an integrated neon light – transforming a quilt of comfort into a useful contemporary space. Overall we find three interpretations of a chair, and three rooms to sit in. They are as special and as temporary as the moments they are part of. Perhaps all good moments have a seat to match… Next Cabanes by Fabrica is now showing at Mudam, the foremost museum dedicated to contemporary Art & Design in Luxmebourg. Mudam Luxembourg 
3, Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499, Luxembourg 11th February - 6th June 2012



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