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26.04.2012 ways of seating Antonio Ravalli




“We are always thinking about the border line” with these words Makoto Tanijiri, founder of Suppose Design Office, defines the basic approach of his work. The identification of a border line between internal and external, in the infinite nuances of the term, always triggers the opening move of each project. With a totally oriental declination of the sense of living, the Japanese architect recognises in the site the added value on which to focus attention (*). And when there isn’t one, he invents it, recreating a completely artificial nature: a synthetic microcosm that goes beyond the simple patio, garden, terrace. This is the same process of rendering a bonsai artificial applied to the landscape: recreating a miniature nature to give answer to the sense of living. And so, a hole in the ground becomes a way to multiply the dimension of the “non-existent” garden infinitely, cancelling the compression and density of a residential district. A net break becomes the way to rediscover in the sky the only element of contact with a nature that is otherwise negated in the middle of the streets of Hiroshima. A sloped veil being the way to re-appropriate a very thin strip of semi-private terrain, making it become much more than an expansion – a true second skin to the house. In this sense, each project becomes absolutely capable of being diagrammed. All the work is summarised in one concept. The idea itself conditions the life of the customers, getting them to recover contact with a sense of naturalness and with the value of time (the sensitive variation of nature) in a way that is hardly conventional but possessed of an absolutely unique wealth. Everything else is secondary: the materials, always simple but utilised impeccably, become interchangeable. Marine plywood may be used in place of a stone blaze, a painted metal may be chosen in place of quartz cement and vice versa; the important point is that everything must be at the service of the initial move. Antonio Ravalli + Simone Pelliconi (*) “When I always create, I think that I want to find the charm of the plan.” Makoto Tanijiri, taken from: http://www.e-architect.co.uk/japan/house_in_saijo.htm






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