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The Italian Chair District is the synonim of the most important Made-in-Italy chair manufacturing area. Its many member companies create a wide range of products and boast certifications such as ISO 9001, Green District FSC® COC and PEFC COC.


Six of its major enterprises will be present at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair2014 to voice an industrial manufacturing process centred on research and attention to details, and enhanced by time-honored and countinously evolving knowhow.


BLIFASE, BP SEDIE, CIZETA, KLASS, LIVONI and PIAVAL will be exhibiting their latest products in pavilion B/Stand 11.11, presenting the Scandinavian public with their most interesting wooden collections. The wood-working traditions of the Italian chair manufacturing segment date back to the 19th century, and they have steadily renewed their production and design processes over time. Furnishing products for the residential segment and the more typical settings of the contract segment (restaurant dining halls, hotels, lounges, bars), but also for the community and healthcare segments, will be displayed collectively in representation of the quality, professionalism, technological evolution capacity and, of course, the esthetic expression of the Italian Chair District industry.


Buyers, architects and interior designers will find the types of seating that best suit the needs and tastes of the Scandinavian market, with which the Italian chair manufacturing district has many things in common such as esthetic values based on formal essentialism, a passion for eco-friendly, natural and lasting materials, remarkable wood-working knowhow and continuous technological research to maximize product functionality.The top seating design products made in the Italian chair manufacturing district will also be staged among the BEST PRODUCTS on exhibition at the ICD stand to draw the attention of the public to the most innovative models.


The six products in the limelight for their special esthetic and functional qualities are: the lounge chair CANTO, designed by Daniel Rode for BLIFASE, featuring a backrest opening up in the shape of a petal, thus providing an ample and embracing support, particularly indicated for hotel lounges; the armchair YPSILON by BP Sedie, essential in style and created for intensive use by implementing the best technological solutions; the modern swivel armchair FEUSS, with its special shape and color, born from the creative minds of Edi and Paolo Ciani for CIZETA; the chair STEALTH designed by Iosa Ghini Associati for LIVONI with its essential shapes and made of fast-growing beechwood; the elegant chair TIMES designed by Silvano Guion for KLASS, a company working in the hotel and restoration contract segment; and the armchair LIV designed by Swedish designer David Ericsson for PIAVAL, introducing design and bright colors into the healthcare segment.


This group of companies is participating in the most dynamic and interesting Northern European furniture event as part of a joint promotional project which, in 2013, resulted in the Italian Chair District and its member companies being successful protagonists at major European and international furniture events.


This new formula – which was made possible thanks to fundamental collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Udine – highlights the excellences and specific productive features of every company, showcasing their products and designing processes while at the same time making them strongly recognizable as excellence enterprises of the Italian Chair District brand, the worldwide synonym of quality made-in-Italy seating.


In Stockholm, thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Udine, the best furniture will be matched with the flavors and aromas of a land with a vocation to genuineness. A truly unique opportunity for the Scandinavian public which, on February 4th, the opening date of the event, will be able to enjoy the excellences of the Friulian wine and food industry, such as the renown San Daniele Prosciutto, the typical Montasio cheese, and many other specialties.

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