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19.03.2012 ways of seating Nicola Pressi

For many it is the only way to access internet, for others it is one alternative among many, while some do not even consider it a browser. We are speaking of Internet Explorer, the software that allows us to visualise a web page on the screen of our computer. During the 90s we witnessed a "war" between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, two browsers that contended for the surfing market on the internet. Since 2003, fortunately, the market has opened up to new emerging browsers, among which Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

If until 5-6 years ago the domination of Internet Explorer seemed unchallenged (with a market share that went beyond 80%), today the situation has changed greatly. We have Firefox which has by now entered the hearts of internauts in a stable fashion, having carved out an important share of the market from the colossus Microsoft. In exponential growth in recent years we find the browser Google, called of course Google Chrome.

The latest modern browsers offer a high-performing, safer, quicker and more pleasant solution to surf the net. They conform to the W3C standards, the consortium that produces the "Realising the full potential of the World Wide Web" and are always very attentive to the new needs of users.

For some time now, sites such as Facebook and YouTube no longer support the old versions of Internet Explorer which therefore does not guarantee a surfing experience comparable to the more modern browsers with greater potential. Thanks to this position, the decline of Internet Explorer, especially for the more dated versions, has been inexorable and brought it under a 35% share, seeing it approach perilously the levels of its ever more fearsome competitors, Firefox and Chrome.

Therefore what browser to use: a piece of advice? Download on your computer the latest, and I emphasise the latest, version of either Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari and see which seems more suited to our style of surfing. Even the latest version of Internet Explorer, 9.0, may be considered a version that is up to the competition. The most important thing, to always enjoy the latest novelties, is to constantly update the browser with the latest version available!

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