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15.02.2012 ways of seating Marco Brollo

Tumblr is an enormous collection channel that is worthwhile pointing out because it can represent an immense (free) archive of projects and because it assists the exchange and sharing of creativity. Technically speaking it is a "tumblelog", in other words a platform that, differently from the traditional blogs, is enriched with a social function through the "dashboard" tool. With this function one can view the contributions that the other Tumblr users publish. Requests to follow the activities of the users that interest one can be made in the same way as what we publish on our pages can be followed. The more that interesting contacts intertwine, the more you can access an ever greater number of quality sources for research, documentation and study. “I like”, “reblog”, “note”, are the social functions through which to spread the contribution and are interaction tools. What we will analyse in this article will be the usefulness of a tool like this for those responsible for creative work, investigating the only channels concerning this theme; the subjects dealt with on Tumblr, in fact, are infinite and can range from projects of great interest to the more common eroticism.

The lone scalpel of the professional look will not be sufficient to understand the value of Tumblr. For example, the pleasure of the exploration and search are very common activities and typical of this virtual river channel like any other social platform. Learning to choose between the available pages, the probability of running into results made up from pure boredom is made ever more remote. The tributaries of this community, through whose waters flow impetuous streams of images, continually insert interesting creative alluvial material that is updated without any apparent criteria.
Thinking of books, I feel the necessity to look again at one of the photos of the Candida Höfer library, where I found the same alert sensation as moving through Tumblr: an apparently inexhaustible and very vast library that almost bewilders as the network of links and returns it contains is extensive and intricate.

For a planner, a designer, a creative person, the usefulness of Tumblr is from both the opportunity to promote your own work and to being able to draw upon a boundless collection of documents and images. Whatever the subject, even the most unusual, it is probably available on the page of some user. It is interesting to note that the enthusiasm for thematic collection is very widespread, so as to reach fetishist peaks for one or more specific subjects. I happened to come across in Tumblr pages dedicated only to triangles, beards, a specific colour or a particular and unusual type of construction. This genre of collections is true contemporary Wunderkammer devoid of retro-nostalgia. Pages like Vouzou, Geometrisk, Mini-mal-me, for example, host heterogeneous images that, considered as a whole, relate the personal aesthetic vision of the author through images, products and projects of others. Doing this, they contribute to spreading creativity and at the same time satisfy the desire of the author of the page to relate his own aesthetic vision.
Here below are shown some sample links, useful as starting points for those wishing to attempt to explore Tumblr.

And Every Onehttp://andeveryone.tumblr.com/

ArchDaily http://archdaily.tumblr.com/

Cabinet of Imagination http://cabinet-of-imagination.tumblr.com/

Geometrisk http://geometrisk.tumblr.com/

Graphicorn http://graphicporn.tumblr.com

Mini-mal-me http://mini-mal-me.tumblr.com/

Only Furniture http://onlyfurnitures.tumblr.com/

PatternBase http://patternbase.tumblr.com/

Planetary Folklore http://planetaryfolklore.tumblr.com/

The World Today http://the-world-today.tumblr.com/


WowGreat http://wowgreat.tumblr.com/


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